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Google Reviews for Wild Honey

"Health food store of my dreams. Exactly what you want in this type of shop. Friendly atmosphere, knowledgeable and passionate staff. Absolutely fantastic products" - W.P. *****

"I love Wild Honey, I’ve been coming here for a few years now but more so recently during the pandemic. Not only is it the best place in Oxford to pick up organic produce and speciality goods that can’t be found in larger shops, but the interaction and kindness from the staff has been a blessing over the lockdown. Every time I go in the staff are always friendly, and not only friendly but highly compassionate and knowledgeable people.
Overall it’s the community atmosphere that makes the place, and this is down to the staff who always treat everyone with grace and respect, which can only come from the top down." - Kat *****

"Brilliant organic shop with very helpful and friendly service😁" - P.B. *****

"Wild Honey is the most beautiful and well curated store for organic health foods!  They have a HUGE range of fruits, veggies, snacks, treats, eco friendly beauty and home products.  Lovely staff!" - M.J. *****

"A fantastic shop" - A.F. *****

"Thank God this place exists! Make a trek here once a month to stock up on sea vegetables, tempeh and all sorts of other goods I could not find anywhere else in Oxford." - J.R. *****

"Lovely friendly staff and very helpful. Great selection of organic products/produce." - I.A. *****

"Fabulous selection with lots of vegan and gf options" - A.H. *****

"Love the local-global crossroad that is our neighbourhood Wild Honey shop." - G.R. *****

"Everything you could possibly want. A veritable treasure trove of delicious well-being!" - C.C. *****

"Lovely little health food shop with a great selection. Prices were very reasonable and the staff were friendly." - H.R. *****

"Great help! Boyfriend went here today in the search for local honey to help ease hayfever symptoms and was given some great advice. Thanks!" - J.M. *****

"They have a huge selection of whole foods, organic, vegan produce and the staff are super friendly and helpful" - L.H. *****

"LOVE: 10 Stars!" - O.H. *****

"Wonderful shop, great selection and lovely staff. I feel a good sense of calm just going in there! - C.L. *****

"Lovely place. Variety of food and soaps etc organic produce. Great location too" - H.B. *****

"Great organic shopping the heart of East Oxford. It has fresh fruit and veg, bread and other local produce. It is also stocked with candles, aromatherapy oils, incense, soaps and other smellies. Ideal for buying little presents." - L.T. 


"This shop is the most wholesome, friendly and exciting place in Oxford! The best resource for organic and natural food and products, everything is catered for... from sage bundles to bulk nuts ands seeds out of dispensers..... and the fresh bread is the best I've ever tasted...! Great sense of community and love in the work put in and out. Truly unique rustic and magical :-D" - M.J. *****

"Brilliant shop! Great variety of vegan n non vegan organic items" - I.G.*****

"Saved me! I just moved here from Los Angeles and can find pretty much everything I'll ever need here in this lovely little (but densely stocked!!) shop. Thank you Wild Honey for being here!" - S.R. *****

"Great range of health and veg/vegan food and other products. Chilled and frozen foods too"- K.C. *****

"Love the selection of organic products, love the fresh organic veg and fruit and love the helpful & supportive staff. Started to commute every weekend and the whole experiences are so refreshing and energising! Highly recommended." - Y.N. *****

"Organic deliciousness" - N.A. - *****

"Everything you could possibly want and more, all at reasonable prices.." - T.C. *****


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